Inside Microsoft CRM


Some topics under consideration

I just started thinking... what will I discuss around here and in what order? I'm not sure about the order yet, but I've got some starter topics that might be of interest.

Adding a custom page to a detail view using an IFRAME
How to remove your added attributes
What's that SecurityDescriptor column all about
Advanced callouts, why aren't there any "pre"-callouts, transactions, locking, and how to make it all work with MSMQ
Scripting workflow without the workflow editor
Using the control framework (in a completely unsupported way)
What's the deal with SRF files
How to write to the platform using web services
What's this XSDObjectGen thing and how would it help
How to convince MS-CRM to give real XSD schemas for entities
How to build a live entity browser like the static one in MSDN
How dates and times work
What are these XML attributes all about and how do we make complex elements behave well
What is and why can't I use T-SQL
How can I get aggregate SQL functions using

I'm sure there are a lot more topics that are interesting to people "in the trenches". This is just a list off the top of my head from taking a quick scan through the newsgroup.