Inside Microsoft CRM


A little disclaimer

In case it's not clear to everyone, the opinions here are really my own and don't reflect my employer's opinions. Sometimes you might read something that sounds like it's a done deal, it probably isn't. The other thing to keep in mind, especially folks who are investing in the product, is that we are going out of our way to maintain backwards compatibility. There are a few exceptions that we have publicly talked about (activity platform interfaces) that I can say may not be available in 2.0. But, like I said, we are going out of our way to make sure your 1.x investment continues to work.

That said, I will continue to make what sound like pretty bold statements, but that's just because, even after being involved with this product since the beginning, I'm still pretty excited and passionate about getting it right. I think we did a damned good job for a V1. Sure, the product has some warts, but if we waited to build something perfect we would never ship. Yeah, I trash the product, but that's because it's not quite how I think it should be - and you should probably read that as "we're doing everything we can to make the best CRM product ever".