Inside Microsoft CRM


Feeling guilty

I've been meaning to add the next bit of somewhat useful information here, but I've just been slammed recently. The team has just entered M2 and we're cranking right along. I'm working on the customization bits that we missed in V1. But then again, I've been working on them for a long time now, we're just officially getting them into the build. I've also been working with the PM team and some of the partners on programming models. Eventually we'll come to an agreement about what we should build, how we should build it, and when we'll unleash it. Until then, I'll keep building prototypes and talking to partners to see what we can do better. And no, this isn't a slam on the PM team, they're really involved in the product this time around.

Oh yeah, the reason I'm slammed has nothing to do with MSFT. I'm wrapping up Spring quarter at Seattle U and working on my final project for the Information Assurance track. That's why I really haven't had much time. I have been reading the newsgroup and looking for opportunities to set misunderstandings straight. But, I try to keep a low profile over there... that's for the support team to keep under control. I just use it for ideas about the product and things to think about.