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Where's Mj

I'm still around, but I've been kinda busy. It's funny, I set out to write this because I had a ton of stuff on the top of my head that I wanted to unload on the MS-CRM community. The problem is that there's just so much stuff and so little time that I've found it harder to prioritize the list. I'm getting closer though and will start writing more over the next few weeks while we're ramping to alpha for V2 (no, I can't give you a date, and no I won't give you a feature list, sorry). I've received a handful of great suggestions both publicly and privately, and I've been scouring the newsgroups for more of those nasty requests that keep popping up.

As I mentioned previously I've finally got an instance of 1.2 installed and running, but I had to break the rules to get it to work. The biggest rule I broke, and I still haven't decided if I want to get around it or not, is that I installed to a named SQL instance. While the core product just doesn't care the replication story to the Outlook client has all kinds of issues with named instances. But, the good thing is that I've got an off-campus installation running and I can start breaking things in ways that should help the community get on with configuring and supporting the 1.2 product while we busily work on the next release.

So, hang in there, I'll be writing more soon. Keep the ideas coming in too because they really help me prioritize what information is most useful. There's a ton of stuff to write about and I'm looking to you folks to guide that work. Look for a more complete serialization example, a forms XML example that adds a custom tab, and a more detailed callout sample.